Do you have the right domain?

Having the right domain can supercharge a business. Really. We have seen one company make a slight change and their sales grew by 300 percent. Search engines, consumers, business directories and others assign your business link a position based on its content, domain name and quality. When these are aligned it can make all the difference.

Choosing the right business domain name is an essential part of the decision-making process.  Your business domain name is much more than words, it is part of your brand.

Some ideas include:

  1. Write out 5 to 10 domain names.
  2. Use our domain checker to see if any are available CLICK HERE
  3. Of the domains that are available, ask a few friends their honest opinion.
  4. Choose a domain or two to secure using our Domain Buyer CLICK HERE
  5. Put your new domain to work. Hire Tru Patriot Studios to build your new website.

.com “Dot Com” Works

When choosing your domain extension, you have many different options. We recommend that you stay with a .com TLD ending. By far the most commonly used (recognized) TLD.

Purchase other domain extensions (subdomains)

When you register your .com domain name, pick up top-level domain variations like .biz and .net (if available). You can then redirect them to your primary website. This attracts more traffic to your website.

We believe in shorter names.

Look for a shorter name. Many large companies make it easy for consumers to find them. Apple, Amazon, Burger King, etc. For example, Burger King uses because many consumers shorten their name to “BK”. They also own in case someone types this domain in the browser. Test this. When you type in, where do you end up? What domain do you land on?

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